• Large Robotic
    Weld Cells
    14'x14'x30' Work Envelope

Small Batch Robotic Weld Automation

30 years of robotic weld experience in the job shop environment allows us to automate the smallest of jobs. Combining clever programming, family of parts thinking, and modular fixturing, we have economically robotically welded quantities as low as one piece.

Robotic Welding Features

Reduce Labor Costs

Welders are currently in short supply in the workforce. Robotic welding allows one programmer to match the output of more than 3 welders, across multiple robots and multiple shifts.

High Productivity

Our weld cycle times are often limited by how fast we can load parts into the Robot cell and hit GO. Setups often involve multiple weld fixtures for each robot, so that the robot can keep welding while parts are loaded and unloaded parallel to production.

Improved Weld Quality

Laser vision systems allow us to push robotic weld quality to new levels. Robots have always made consistent welds, but the weld quality was only as good as the consistency of the parts entering the weld cell. No longer are robots blind and dumb. The laser vision system allows the robot to adapt the weld path to match the part tolerances, eliminating weld rework.

Robotic Welding Capabilities

  • Envelope: 14'x14'x30'
  • Materials:
    • Stainless Steels
    • Carbon Steels

Laser Vision Systems

Our robots can now "see" the weld joint and adapt in real time. This eliminates weld quality issues do to part-to-part variation and also allows the robot to adapt to the part as heat distorts the shape of the work piece.

Custom Beam Fabrication

Northern's robotic weld setup allows us to build custom size beams at a competitive price. Automation reduces labor costs and lead times.

Robotic Stitch Welding with Laser Vision

Robot Welding Photo Gallery