Modular Weld Fixtures

Precision, modular weld tables eliminate costly "sunk costs" in dedicated fixtures. Welders have the freedom to fixture small jobs on the fly, improving production repeatability. Complex fixtures can be built upon the base system, reducing machining costs.


Save Time

Lego fixture concept allows experienced engineers or welders to quickly and easily design fixtures with stock components.

Reduce or Eliminate Fixture Costs

NRE charges can add up - especially when products change and fixtures require revisions. Modular fixtures can be reused job after job with little additional investment.


We often build a family of parts for our customers. Modular fixtures can be easily adapted to different sized products with little changeover time. One welder with a modular fixture table can build multiple different part numbers easily and accurately.

Table Tolerances

  • Bore Centers: +/- 0.001"
  • Flatness: 0.0018” / 12”
  • Hardness: 55 Rc

Robotic Welding

Modular fixtures and small batch robotic welding go hand-in-hand. The robot requires repeatable setups and small change-over times. The modular system allows the operator to change between parts quickly. When running repeat jobs, old programs can be pulled up and run reliably because the parts are in the same position as when they were programmed.

Robotic Welding Example

Modular Fixture Photo Gallery