• Measure Parts to 0.005"
    Up to 300' in Length

Quality - ISO 9001:2015

Northern prides itself on fabricating complex and challenging parts. Our investment in the latest sheet metal technology, and commitment to quality, allow us to consistently hold the tightest tolerances in our industry.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

In addition to being independently audited and certified as ISO 9001:2015, Northern has a long history of quality awards and certifications. Some examples include Ford's Q1 certification and being named supplier of the year for one of our major customers..

Niton Alloy Analysis - Material Grade Identification

Many different grades of material appear the same, but our customers want to be 100% confident that their product has been made with the correct alloy. Northern has invested in handheld metal alloy analyzers by Niton. This technology can ensure your 316L stainless steel component wasn't made with 316. It can also check to make sure the correct welding filler material was used.

FARO Ion - measures 0.002 at 30'

Error Proof Design

A laser tracker is similar to a CMM, except you can bring the tracker to the part. It can measure anything inside a 360' diameter. Measurements can be done on the fly, or compared to a 3D model.

AWS Certified Welding Inspectors

Northern currently has two CWIs with experience in D1.1, D1.3, D1.6, D9.1, and D15.1. Our welders are qualified in multiple GTAW, GMAW-S, GMAW, GMAW-P, FCAW, Laser Welding (LBW), and Hybrid Laser Welding (HLBW). Internal training classes cover both the fabrication and inspection aspects of each code. In addition to AWS, Northern also has experience with WPS and PQR to ASME IX.