• Complex Forming
  • Up to 24' Long Press Brake
  • Rolled Cylinders and Cones
  • Pipe and Tube Bending

Metal Forming Experts

Bending and rolling of metal can be straight forward or a complex craft. Northern's creativity and experience allow us to tackle the most difficult geometries successfully.

Forming Highlights

Up To 24' Long Press Brakes

New CNC Press Brakes with 6-axis backgauges allow us to bend parts to exacting tolerances.

Rolled Cylinders up to 10'

3 pinch rolls of various sizes and roll diameters allows rolling of cylinders and cones.

Creative Metal Forming

Northern often designs our own tooling to produce extremely complex or difficult parts.

Forming Capabilities

  • Press Brake:
    • Length: up to 24'
    • Thickness: up to 1/2"
  • Rolling:
    • Length: up to 10'
    • Thickness: up to 1/2"
  • Other:
    • Tube Bending
    • Angle Rolling

Complex Press Brake Bending

Locating features make it possible to design tight tolerances into a product without the use of fixtures. The CNC cutting equipment defines the location of parts to within 0.005".


We have 3 plate rolls and a large capacity angle roll. This allows us to roll cylinders up to 10' long and 1/2" thick. Our operators have the experience to hold tight tolerances and roll odd shapes, such as ovals or cones.

Metal Bending and Rolling Photos