• We Are Expert
    Stainless Fabricators
    Using State-Of-The-Art Technology and Creativity to deliver Innovative Solutions.
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
    It's Our Speciality
  • remote laser welded sheet metal
    Laser Welding
    Speeds up to 100"/min
  • 3D laser cut stainless steel spinning
    5-Axis Laser Cutting
    Add features to weldments,
    stampings, and spinnings
  • Stainless steel pipe fabrication for water water treatment
    Tube Laser Cutting
    Up to 10" Diameter
    Up to 30' Long

Why choose Northern for your
Sheet Metal Fabrication Needs?

Northern Manufacturing is a sheet metal fabrication company specializing in stainless steel fabrications. Our 185,000 square feet of fabrication space includes 40,000 sqft dedicated only to stainless steel fabrication.

#1 Advanced Technology

Northern believes in investing in the best the world has to offer. We have
5 CNC Laser cells, offering flat cutting, tube cutting and even laser welding.

8000W Fiber Laser

Fiber lasers cutting up to 10x faster than CO2.

  • 16GA Stainless at 2000"/min!
  • 8000W cuts 1" thick stainless, carbon, and aluminum.
  • Automatic, scratch free loading and unloading.

Tube Laser Cutting

Reimagine your products with tube cutting technology:

Laser Welding

Laser welding allows beautiful, full penetration welds with low heat input.

  • Minimize weld distortion
  • Small, beautiful welds
  • Full strength welds

ISO 9001:2008
American Welding Society
Edison Welding Institute Membership
Over 60 Years of Fabrication Experience
The Northern Manufacturing Co., Inc is a BBB Accredited Metal Fabricator in Oak Harbor, OH

#2 Creativity and Innovation

We Build Great Things. We believe in old fashioned, American Ingenuity. Our hard work
and dedication to this principle allows us to design and improve our customers' products.

Never Pick Up a Tape Measure

3D modeling every assembly offers key advantages in fabrication including:

  • CAD models on the shop floor
  • 3D QC checks prior to cutting
  • Automatic machine programming

Small Batch Weld Automation

We reduce cost and improve quality with creative robotic welding processes.

  • 5 Robot Cells up to 15' x 30'.
  • Robotic Pipe Welding.
  • Laser Vision Systems.
stainless steel spray pickling booth

Give Us Your Biggest Challenge

Northern excells at challenging projects. Let us show you what we can do.

  • Extremely Tight Tolerances
  • Tough Quality Expectations
  • Huge and Complex Assemblies

#3 Stainless Steel Fabrication Experts

Northern believes in investing in the best the world has to offer. We have
5 CNC Laser cells, offering flat cutting, tube cutting and even laser welding.

Stainless Alloy Experts

While 304 and 316 are our bread and butter, we are experts with many exotic alloys:

  • Duplex Stainless Steels: 2101 LDX, 2205, 2507
  • High Nickle Aloys: Al6XN, C22, C276, etc.
  • High Heat Alloys: 309, 321, 347

High Quality Welding

Northern's fabricators are world class master craftsmen. Their strengths include:

  • AWS Certified Welders
  • Two Certified Welding Inspectors
  • Pulse GMAW & GTAW welding

Spray Pickling

Northern's 15' x 20' x 55' pickling booth is one of the largest in the country.

  • Removes weld discoloration
  • Repairs contamination from handling
  • Restores corrosion resistance

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