• Stainless steel pipe fabrication for water water treatment
    Tube Laser Cutting
    Up to 10" Diameter
    Up to 30' Long
    Bevel Cutting

Tube Laser Cutting Services

The Tube Laser gives designers freedom to easily put any cutout shape into pipe and tubing. Besides eliminating the old drill and saw, this new technology allows for error proof constructing techniques that speed production and reduce cost.


Unparalleled Accuracy

Tolerances on our old saw were +/- 1/16", and cut angles were +/- 2 degrees. The tube laser cuts to a true positional accuracy of +/- 0.005". This increased accuracy dramatically reduces fit up time at assembly.

Design in New Ways

No longer are you limited to straight cuts or circular holes. Designers can now use the tube laser to cut any shape they can imagine. The possibilities are endless. Examples and pictures of parts designed for the tube laser are listed below.

Huge Cutting Envelope

Shapes that fit inside a 10" diameter circle up to 30' long can be processed on this massive machine.


We serve a wide variety of industries including: automotive, waste water treatment, pressure piping, structural steel, conveyor components, food service, material handling, power generation, and agricultural.

Laser Cutting Capabilities

  • Thickness: up to 5/16"
  • Length: up to 30'
  • Weight: up to 25 LBS/FT
  • Min OD: 0.6"
  • Max OD: 10"
  • Shapes:
    • Round
    • Square
    • Rectangular
    • Other (Oval, Trapezoidal)
    • Angle & Channel

Laser cut slot and tab in tubing

New Design Potential

Slot and Tab Geometry

Adding locating geometry to parts cut on the tube laser allows designers to error-proof downstream assembly. Additionally, the parts are mated together at the precise location required, with an accuracy of +/- 0.010".

Key Sheet Metal Clocking

Slot and Tab weldment

Frame Build w/Slot and Tabs

Tube laser cutting and fabrication

Coping Capabilities

The tube laser allows very precise fit up of various shapes and at any angle. The cost is very minimal, especially when compared to the labor involved in manual coping and fit up operations. You can change the shape of the mating surfaces without purchasing any tooling, unlike traditional coping machines.

Unique Radius Cope

Large Square Coping

Complex Coping

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Tube Laser Cutting Photo Gallery