Welding Jobs in Ohio - Become a Master Fabricator

Welding Jobs in Ohio

Welder / Fabricator

Job Description

A fabricator reads and interprets drawing and weld symbols, and then assembles and welds the fabrication. Responbile for quality of work and holding tight tolerances. Must manage time well and complete projects efficiently to ensure profitable projects.

Recommended Areas of Knowledge and/or Skill

  • Strong mechanical aptitude
  • Understanding of mechanical design
  • Understanding of mathematics and physics
  • Knowledge of manufacturing operations
  • Knowledge of engineering / manufacturing technology


  • Read and understand customer drawings, weld symbols, and tolerances
  • Complete work on-time and under budget
  • Hold linear dimensions, squarness, and flatness within tolerences
  • Product welds of the correct size and shape with few defects

What We Offer

Join our team of 50 welders building unique products every day.

  • Huge project variety - hard to get bored.
  • Diverse customers rarely slow down at the same time.
  • Long term emloyment with histroy of steady growth
  • OT Pay with history of working 50-55hrs per week.

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Go to College?

Schools today pushes all students toward college prep circulium. Other programs are labeled as "alternative" education and are marginalized. The truth is that the outlook for college graduates isn't very rosey.

Bachelor’s Degrees Average Salary

for 25- to 34-year-olds


Average Cost of 4-Year Degree

Full Time, Public, in State.


Welding Career

Welders can save the $75,000 in tuition and student loan debt, and in the same time earn

Median Welder Starting Salary


Median Fabricator Salary w/5yrs


Net Savings and Income from Working & No Tuition

4 years salary + cost of 4 years tuition


Why Start a Career in Welding

America's Skills Shortage

Jay Leno on Welders

Mike Rowe on Skilled Trades Shortage

Sklls Gap Facts

Ave. Welder Age


Shortage of Welders

in the next 3 years


Welding Career Paths

A career in welding is a great foundation for many career paths. The hands on experience and problem solving skills are essential skills in a technical world.

Management Careers

Lead Man, Supervisor, Plant Manager


Welding, Manufacturing

Advanced Technology

Robotic Welding, Laser Welding

Quality & Training

AWS CWI, Educator

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