AWS & ASME Certified GTAW and GMAW Welding

The foundation for Northern's growth for the last 40 years is high quality welding. Our 50+ welders handle projects from 24GA stainless to 1" Carbon - and everything in between.

Our Welding Skill Set

Heat and Distortion Control

Stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel behave very differently when welded. Our team's experience allows us to hold extremely tight tolerances despite these challenges.

From Thin to Thick, from A36 Steel to AL6XN Stainless

It's rare that a project is outside of our comfort zone. Material thicknesses from 0.020" to 1", and various materials and alloys of Stainless, Aluminum, and Carbon steel are all in our wheel house.

Cosmetic and Structural

Our certified welders don't just "pass code." Their welds must both be structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Welding Capabilities

  • Thickness: 0.024"-unlimited"
  • Welding Process:
    • GMAW - MIG
    • GTAW - TIG
    • FCAW - Flux Cored
  • Welding Codes (WPS & PQR):
    • D1.1: Structural Steel
    • D1.2: Aluminum
    • D1.6: Stainless Steel
    • ASME IX: WPS & PWR

Material Examples

AWS and ASME Code Welding

Certified Welding Inspectors On Staff

A very large percentage of our projects now require AWS or ASME welding procedures (WPS). Most of our welders are certified in the basics - carbon steel and austenitic stainless steels - for both GMAW (MIG) and GTAW (TIG). Our top 1/3 of welders are qualified in more difficult alloys such as aluminum alloys and high nickle stainless steels.

Advanced Welding Technology

Wire Feed TIG Welding

A cold wire feed TIG process provides fast deposit rates and lower filler metal costs. The mechanized process can improve weld quality in the hands of a skilled operator. Cold wire feed is often preferred over MIG welding on projects where high quality welds are required but for the speed and lower cost of GMAW welding.

Aerospace D17.2 Spot Welding

Aerospace spot welding requires exacting procedures and careful quality assurance. Northern has experience with spot welding and pull testing stainless steels up to 12GA in thickness.

Aluminum Welding Equipment

Northern has a substantial investment in welding equipment designed for Aluminum welding. For GMAW, push-pull guns address the wire feeding issues associated with aluminum, and give the operator precise control over the heat input to the part. For GTAW, new digital pulse TIG machines make welding aluminum almost as easy as carbon or stainless steel.