Never Wonder "What is that line?" Again!

3D models give our fabricators a vast amount of information in a manner that is simple and natural. Spin the model, find where each part goes, and even take measurements. Users can add markups to the models and send right to engineering.

Shop Floor Computer Highlights

3D Models with Measurement

Prints dimensions sometimes are vague, or missing entirely. With 3D models on the shop floor, questions can be answered by the fabricator instead of waiting for an answer from engineering.

Review Pictures & Videos from Last Run

Review pictures of repeat projects quickly and easily. Robot setups, quality alerts, and process steps can be clearly communicated.

Team Meetings

The large screen TVs allow for on the spot shop floor meetings with small teams. This allows for quick and effective collaboration.

File Types

  • Solidworks eDrawings
  • PDF Files
  • Pictures
  • Video

eDrawings on iPad

Supervisors with iPads have access to 3D models right in their hands.

3D Models on iPad Demo

Final Inspection

Shop floor computers add new capabilities to our quality department. New advances include electronic inspection sheets, quality alerts from old jobs, and running 3D inspection software.