• Punch Laser Combo
    Deburring, Tapping, Forming

Punch-Laser Combination Machine

A specialized machine that offers all of the cut quality and flexibility of a laser machine, but adds punching and forming capabilities in the same setup. Sometimes, the Punch-Laser is the only way to make a part if it requires both forming and laser cutting. For other parts, the punching process is less costly than laser cutting every feature of the part.


High Speed Punching

Holes can be punched into the sheet at a rate of 1000 holes per minute.

Intelligent Punching and Forming

Forming tools, tapping, deburring, and even roller tools can be used to add new features to your parts in one setup.

Flexibility of Laser

The laser processes edges with very high quality for all irregular shapes and contours. This minimizes the need for very specialized punch tool shapes.

Punch Laser Capabilities

  • Thickness: up to 1/4"
  • Length: up to 144"
  • Forming:
    • Embossing and Marking
    • Punch Forming
    • Roller Tools

Punch Forming

Lances, louvers, clips, embosses, hinges, knockouts, Card Guides. An entire industry exists around the design and production of special application punch tooling.

Key Sheet Metal Clocking

Slot and Tab weldment

Frame Build w/Slot and Tabs

Roller Tools

Deburring, Offset, Stiffening Ribs, etc.

Roller tools pinch the sheet metal, and the material is formed as the sheet is pulled through the roller dies. Deburring tooling allows a CNC process to give parts a beautiful safety edge every time.