• Cylindrical Tanks up to 50' Long
    and 14' Diameter!
  • Rectangular Tanks up to 16'x16'x65'

Stainless Steel Tank Fabricatiors

We build tanks of all shapes and sizes. Industries include Food & Beverage, Waste Water Treatment, Mining, Paper & Pulp, and more!

Forming Highlights

ASME IX CWI and Certified Welders

We are certified in GTAW, GMAW, FCAW and Laser Welding.

Laser Welding

Laser welding technology allows us to make very large sheets at a fraction of the price.

Large Laser Bed

Our 20' laser allows us to cut larger parts and reduce weld seams.


  • Up to 14' Diameter
  • Up to 65' Long
  • All Stainless Alloys
  • Food Grade Capabilities

Huge Laser Bed

Parts up to 20' Long

Huge opportunities exist to reduce cost with a large format laser. One customer was able to combine parts and eliminate welding in a part that had tight tolerances. Not only was the price of the part reduced, but the quality issues from weld distortion were eliminated.

Trumpf 3060 20' Laser


We have 3 plate rolls and a large capacity angle roll. This allows us to roll cylinders up to 10' long and 1/2" thick. Our operators have the experience to hold tight tolerances and roll odd shapes, such as ovals or cones.

Hybrid Laser Welding

GMAW wire feed + Laser Welding

Hybrid laser welding is useful for very specific applications when filler metal is required. The laser beam is combined with the MIG welding weld puddle to push the molten filler metal deep into the weld joint. This process adds more heat and distortion than autogenous laser welding. It is generally used when the alloying filler metal is required for corrosion or strength, but can also be used to increase the weld speed or depth of penetration.

Food and Beverage Applications

Northern's strategy for building food grade tank minimizes costs while maintaining very high quality standards. Material handing and automated welding minimize grinding and polishing costs down stream.