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  • Laser Welding
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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Northern Manufacturing has over 60 years experience and over 180,000 sqft of factory floor space. Our toolbox contains about every type of technology you can imagine. We use this technology, along with creative problem solving, to deliver our customers a beautiful product at a competitive price.

Advanced Engineering

3D modeling every assembly offers key advantages in fabrication including:

  • CAD models on the shop floor
  • 3D QC checks prior to cutting
  • Automatic machine programming

8000W Fiber Laser

Fiber lasers cutting up to 10x faster than CO2.

  • 16GA Stainless at 2000"/min!
  • 8000W cuts 1" thick stainless, carbon, and aluminum.
  • Automatic, scratch free loading and unloading.

Advanced Sheet Metal Forming

6 Press Brakes and 3 pinch rolls allow for forming about any size or shape.

  • Press Brake up to 20'
  • Rolling up to 10'
  • Angle and Tube Bending

Robotic Welding

Advanced robotic welding cells with tools for Stainless Steel:

  • Laser vision systems
  • Pulse welding for low heat input
  • 5 robots with max envelope of 14'x14'x30'

High Quality Welding

Northern's fabricators are world class master craftsmen. Their strengths include:

  • AWS Certified Welders
  • Two Certified Welding Inspectors
  • Pulse GMAW & GTAW welding

Laser Welding

Laser welding allows beautiful, full penetration welds with low heat input.

  • Minimize weld distortion
  • Small, beautiful welds
  • Full strength welds

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